It all started with the burger. Linton Hopkins’ famous “H&F burger” began at Holeman and Finch Public House as a special, only available at 10 p.m. feature each evening, with only 24 prepared nightly; a griddled double cheeseburger, topped with red onion and house-made pickles, served on a freshly baked pan de mie bun with from-scratch ketchup, and mustard on the side. The buns, sized with ideal bun-to-burger ratio in mind, are butter-toasted on the griddle for crispy golden edges. This burger is a direct descendant of the original that debuted at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  Forged in a time of industry and progress, that burger transformed the American food landscape forever, and we aim to do the same all over again, this iconic, award-winning burger is now available all day, every day here at H&F Burger at Ponce City Market. And now, you can enjoy Atlanta's favorite burger while cheering on the Atlanta Braves with our two new Suntrust Park locations - open all Braves season. 

Looking for more than just the burger? Visit the institution where it all began, Holeman and Finch Public House, for inventive small and large plates highlighting whole animal and vegetable cookery, southern favorites, an extensive cheese and charcuterie program, delicious cocktails and a curated bourbon collection. Looking to enjoy the burger along with some small plates and craft cocktails in the heart of Buckhead?  Holeman and Finch still serves up 24 burgers nightly, starting at 5. When they're out, they're out - so make sure to get there early.